PROGRAMME: EU Horizon Europe


ETRA I+D is the coordinator of the Horizon Europe Project ECOLOOP, whose main objective is to develop and demonstrate a set of solutions to optimise the combination of different energy renewable sources (biogas, biomass, agrophotovoltaics, geothermal) in cultivated agricultural areas, meeting the local energy needs for electricity, heating, cooling, transport and waste and land management.

The effects of climate change are increasingly evident and actions to address their negative impacts are more necessary than ever. As 80% of the EU’s territory is covered by forests and agricultural land, climate action in rural areas is fundamental to contribute on fighting climate change. ECOLOOP project solutions focus on promoting the reduction of carbon footprint in rural areas by means of higher penetration of distributed renewable energy sources, self-consumption and an optimal agricultural/forest waste management, while creating positive effects in biodiversity and soil health and reducing the risk on groundwater contamination. To do so, ECOLOOP develops a decision support tool for farmers that will enable them to monitor, manage and control the combination of different energy renewable sources (biogas, biomass, agrovoltaics and geothermal) in cultivated agricultural areas to reduce energy consumption and GHG emission.

All the benefits provided by ECOLOOP solutions will be demonstrated in 4 pilot sites in Spain, Estonia, Bulgaria and Slovenia, involving different forest and agriculture natural conditions (climate, soils), size and types of crops trees, management techniques, degree of mechanisation, geographic location and socio-economic factors, considering the interaction of multiple types of energy sources.

The project is carried out by a consortium formed by 14 partners from 4 European countries, has a budget of 9 M€ and a duration of 48 months.



  1. INDEREN – Spain
  2. GENIA – Spain
  3. Technical University of Valencia (UPV) – Spain
  4. Institute for Innovation and development of University of Ljubljana (IRI UL) – Slovenia
  5. Kolektor SETUP – Slovenia
  6. Estonian University of Life Sciences (EULS) Estonia
  7. FIBENOL – Estonia
  8. Albena – bulgaria
  9. Fertinagro biotech – Spain
  10. AVA- ASAJA – Spain
  11. Thracian University – bulgaria
  12. Biomasa – Slovenia

KEY WORDS: Renewable, rural, self-consumption, forest, agriculture, biogas, biomasa, soil, biodiversity.