Mobility is a phenomenon that it to be treated comprehensively and increasingly important in the current cities that aspire to consider themselves intelligent, given the increasing levels of concentration of population and associated pollution that it entails.

Private vehicle (car, motorcycle …), public transport (bus, tram, underground, train, taxi …), delivery vehicles, bicycles, electric vehicles (and their charging stations), off-street parking, parking on-street (parking meters)…

All these elements and their infrastructure and associated control systems provide mobility service in current cities, and which must be understood and managed in a comprehensive manner.

The existing technological developments currently allows implementing advanced solutions that manage the mobility in cities holistically. CITRIC allows integrated management and real-time monitoring of the Mobility systems of a city from a one single Platform, sharing information between different urban Mobility systems and making accessible the Mobility information in order to form data sets that are part of the open data platform of the city.