The Smartcity concept is introduced to achieve through the use of ICTs and social capital of cities, a more efficient management of urban services with the primary goal of improving the quality of life of citizens.

The CITRIC platform was created with the purpose of integrating the existing urban services in a city, with the aim to optimize its management and service provided to its citizens. It is an open, flexible and generic solution based on standards and open protocols, which can grow progressively and in a modular way, starting from the basis of the existing systems in each city.

Thereby, CITRIC can meet the specific needs of each city by providing specific Smartcity solutions to each of them individually.

CITRIC is supported by next generation technologies providing the functionalities that enable to build a model for each SmartCity city, complementing and coordinating the control systems and urban services that coexist

CITRIC organises all the city information in a Databases based on open architectures, in order to energize the flow and use of the information which reflects the cities heartbeat.

  • CITRIC provides analysis tools, support to decision making and Business Intelligence to help embrace the city data in order to extract the knowledge that they contain
  • CITRIC offers control panels for defining different types of indicators, therefore the objectives to be achieved can be monitored by parameter tracking.
  • • CITRIC has different tools to coordinate the city’s services (mobility, energy, tourism, civil protection, etc …) and establishing agreed strategies for each situation that may arise in the city.
  • • A priority objective of CITRIC is the dissemination of the information from the city, to the citizens or municipal services through information storage, websites, Apps or any other available means.