After the summer break, GRUPOETRA is increasing its activity with more new projects than ever before, and in an environment that guarantees both the safety of our team members and that of our partners and collaborators.

GRUPOETRA’s activity never stops, but the end of summer always brings renewed energy and new projects.

This year, we must highlight the excellent news of the start of GRUPOETRA’s operations in Germany, with the constitution of ETRA DEUTSCHLAND. This new subsidiary of GRUPOETRA will initially work mainly in the area of fibre network deployment, including FTTH. To this end, the company is going to take advantage of all the experience in this field that GRUPOETRA has accumulated both in Spain and in other countries.

In addition, GRUPOETRA has obtained from AENOR the Protocols Certificate against COVID-19, which allows it to offer a safe working environment to both its personnel and to its partners and collaborators.

Both news items allow us to look optimistically to the coming months, in which GRUPOETRA hopes to continue working more and better to respond to the needs of its partners and customers.