GRUPOETRA has been awarded the project for the modernisation of intelligent mobility corridors in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico).

This is a very ambitious project that aims to renew the current traffic installation and implement an advanced solution with the latest technology available in urban mobility management.

The project includes:

  • Work on 20 corridors in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, with 500 new traffic-light intersections (with ETRA’s CITY traffic controllers) and more than 600 new traffic sensors.
  • The installation of, among others, 10 speed regulation points, 20 environmental monitoring points, 9 points with flood detection and 10 spaces with variable message screens.
  • The implementation of a new traffic control system (ETRA’s SDCTU) to manage the city’s more than 1,200 traffic-light intersections.
  • The implementation of an innovative Smart Mobility Platform (MISTRAL, from ETRA) for the integral management of mobility in the city, including the integration of the environment, security, public transport, MiBici and traffic light platforms, allowing the migration to a Smart City model.
  • The integral remodelling of the New Mobility Management Center.

This important project consolidates GRUPOETRA’s position as a leader -also in LATAM- in the field of the most advanced technologies for traffic management and sustainable mobility.