GRUPOETRA: key partner of the consortium that will deploy the largest 5G technology pilot in Spain promoted by RED.ES

ETRA has been awarded, as part of a consortium led by Orange and with the support of Vysion, Robotnik, CFZ Cobots, Grupo Red Eléctrica, Aracnocóptero and Idrica, the largest of the eight new 5G pilot projects tendered by RED.ES and co-financed through the European Regional Development Fund.

The project will be developed during 2020 and 2021 in the Valencia region, with a budget of more than 10 million euros, and is supported by institutions such as the Generalitat Valenciana and the Valencia City Council, among others.

This initiative will serve to explore and identify use cases and applications of 5G technology in different sectors, from security, to education and industry, to agriculture and tourism, with the promotion of the deployment of 5G networks being one of the cornerstones of the España Digital 2025 strategy.

The use case led by ETRA in the project includes the development of an emergency management platform that allows for the comprehensive management of any type of incident. The platform will have the capacity to coordinate remote drone navigation in real time, without the need for visual contact between the pilot and the aircraft, thanks to the high quality image recorded by the camera on board the drone itself, allowing FPV (First Person View) piloting based on the features of 5G technology. These images will be transferred in real time to an immersive 360º viewing model which will allow the user to “see” in real time the 3D image captured by the camera.

In addition, the drone will have the capacity to deploy a high-density network of sensors in the emergency area to monitor critical parameters (e.g. temperature in case of fire). The sensors will have 5G connectivity, thus also taking advantage of the lower consumption capabilities, greater precision in location and better simultaneous communications capacity of this innovative technology.

All the information provided by the drones and sensors will be centralised in the Emergency Management Platform, which will have advanced features for monitoring and analysing it, allowing the incident to be managed centrally with all the data obtained in real time thanks to 5G technology.

This project is part of GRUPOETRA’s strategy to consolidate its position in the security sector, offering solutions that range from data capture and analysis (using big data and AI) to prevent, detect and, if necessary, manage emergency situations (accidental or human-caused), to support the real-time management of the resources deployed by the emergency services (from the police to the fire brigade or civil protection).