Lighting maintenance in Málaga that include:

  • More than 21,000 light points
  • More than 340 command centers
  • Remote control system

The acquired service the preservation and maintenance of outdoor lighting installations whose ownership is the City of Malaga.

Jobs and tasks included in the contract are:

  1. 1. Work related to the inventory. First lighting project in Spain where data collection (inventory of luminaires and geometry of streets) was carried out by using Mobile Laser Scanner.

A MOBILE LASER SCANNER is a tool that carries out measurements by creating very dense and georeferenced point clouds, thus allowing a rapid and precise topographic survey carried out to guarantee the characterization, inventory and analysis of the current state of the city streets. Its advantages are:

  • Non-Intrusive Measurements
  • Fast acquisition of data
  • High volumen of information
  • Complementation of technologies
  • Reduction of times and costs
  1. Certificates and reports
  2. Lighting Projects
  3. Maintenance of the Municipal Telemanagement System
  4. Preventive Mantenance
  5. Corrective maintenance