Renovation of the current lighting by LED lighting technology in THE SATE (performance 2), and Terminals 1, 2 and 3 (performance 3 and performance 5).

The following are the tasks to be performed:

  1. Drafting of efficient lighting projects for the areas indicated, which include: terminal buildings and each of its different areas, and parking (both in height and surface). A competent technician will carry out the works, the worker visa may be required by the corresponding Professional School.
  2. Modification works of the facility, which will be adapted to these projects, their budgets and work plan, all previously approved by Aena Aeropuertos.
  3. Documentation delivery of the finished work.
  4. Manuals and instructions for the assembly and installation of the installed supplies.
  5. Warranties and technical specifications of all installed supplies.
  6. Recommendations and protocols for preventive and corrective maintenance.