GRUPOETRA, as a leader in the field of technologies for sustainable mobility, once again plays a leading role in the Spanish ITS Congress.

With the gradual return to normality, the holding of events and congresses is gradually resuming. This is the case of the 21st edition of the Spanish Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, which was held from 13 to 15 July 2021.

ETRA did not miss the event, being one more year a main actor of the congress, which in fact has been sponsored by the Company.

Within the technical sessions, ETRA contributed with 4 different presentations in which it showed several of its most innovative mobility technology solutions.

On the one hand, the AURORA platform was presented, the core of ETRA’s C-ITS cooperative systems solution, currently installed in Vigo (Spain), which allows interaction between connected vehicles and ETRA’s intelligent infrastructure, enabling advanced services for both drivers and road network operators.

ETRA’s industry-leading ITS tunnel management solution PLATUN was also presented.

The third presentation was on ETRA’s Digital Twin solution for cities, which takes the concept of urban mobility and smart city to a level beyond anything known to date.

Last, but not least, ETRA presented its Intelligent and Autonomous Onboard Validation Solution with QR and EMV payment media, an innovative multi-channel and contactless payment solution for public transport and urban services.

All the solutions ETRA presented were enthusiastically received by the congress attendees.

As if all the above were not enough, the AUTOMOST project, in which ETRA collaborates with Grupo Avanza, was awarded the ITS Award for the Autonomous and Connected Vehicle, which is undoubtedly an additional incentive to continue working on the development and provision of the most advanced solutions for mobility in the 21st century.