ETRA’s WISEGRID Project keeps on receiving international recognition and awards, strengthening ETRA’s position as a key provieder of technological solutions for RES, smart grids and electromobility.

WISEGRID project is being carried out by a consortium of 21 partners from 8 countries under the leadership of ETRA. Its goal is to provide a set of solutions, technologies and business models to increase the smartness, stability and security of an open, consumer-centric European energy grid. The project also aims at providing cleaner and more affordable energy for European citizens, through an enhanced use of storage technologies and electromobility and a highly increased share of RES. WiseGRID provides technological applications for different actors, such as prosumers, DSOs, ESCOS, aggregators and EV fleet operators, in order to share the benefits of the European Smart Grid in a fair, sustainable and efficient way and achieve an all-win situation.

Last May 24th during the Energy Infrastructure Forum in Copenhagen, WiseGRID received from the hands of the Energy Commissioner of the European Commission the Good Practice of the year Award in the Technology and Design category. This prize is awarded annually by the Renewables Grid Initiative through a jury of independent international experts. The members of the jury considered WiseGRID particularly impressive for its relevance in the current energy landscape and for its provision of a set of solutions and technologies that increase the intelligence, stability and security of an open and consumer-centric European energy network.

But the successes of WiseGRID do not end there. Last June 5th, during a ceremony held in Brussels and chaired by the Energy Commissioner in the framework of the EUSEW 2018 (European Sustainable Energy Week), the project was awarded twice. First the project was appointed (by a jury of independent international experts) Best Energy Project of Europe in the category of Businesses. After that, WiseGRID also did receive the EUSEW Citizens Award, which was awarded by a popular vote carried out at European level among the 12 nominated projects.

Al these awards have been widely echoed, both in the social networks and in the mass media, who unanimously have recognized the excellence achieved by ETRA and the rest of WiseGRID in providing technological solutions enabling something so important for Europe as the energy transition.