The city of Gijon chooses GRUPOETRA mobility management technology. The integrated system in the smart city platform allows Gijon to have the most advanced mobility management solution on the market.

The city of Gijón has been using for over a month, the most advanced technology for urban mobility management, this is in recognition of the municipal corporation committed to the GRUPOETRA technology. The implementation of the GRUPOETRA technological tools in the city of Gijón, embodies a new concept in the urban mobility management by focusing on the mobility phenomenon in a comprehensive manner, with the capacity to incorporate data from diverse sources, including the IoT existing network, and allowing interoperability and information exchange with the smart city platform of the city of Gijón.

The implementation is the result of a smooth migration process that enables the city of Gijón to currently manage the most advanced mobility management solution in the market. The official presentation of the system was held on April 12th in the reception hall of the City Council at a public ceremony. The host of the meeting was the Mobility Councilor, Esteban Aparicio, who associated the integration of the solution to the execution of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the city.

Gestión de Movilidad; Mobility Management; Gijón aposta na tecnologia do GRUPOETRA