ETRA is the leader of Sustainable Mobility and a developer of the Urban Platform of Valencia in the MAtchUP project, which aims to implement innovative solutions in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors of the city.

MAtchUP (Maximizing the Upscaling and replication potential of high level urban transformation strategies) is a 60-month project funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 program, led by the Valencia City Council that started in November 2017.

MAtchUP will carry out large-scale pilot projects in the cities of Valencia (Spain), Dresden (Germany) and Antalya (Turkey), which will act as ‘pioneer’ cities, and the ‘follower’ cities will be Ostend (Belgium), Herzliya (Israel), Skopje (Macedonia) and Kerava (Finland).

In these cities, specific actions will be carried out in selected neighbourhoods, which aim to increase energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, improve the air quality of the city, promote sustainable mobility and the integration of ICT.

ETRA is the leader of the Sustainable Mobility actions that will be developed in the Valencia pilot site, such as the deployment of electric vehicles, its recharging infrastructure and its management systems. Additionally, the company will carry out the design and development of new sustainable mobility services. Among these innovative services, the deployment of:

  • Demand management system for electric vehicle charging points.
  • Electric vehicle fleet management system.
  • Integration of electric vehicle charging points in public luminaires and the corresponding intelligent lighting control system.
  • Intelligent management system for electric vehicles’ parking spaces.
  • Solar powered electronic ink panels with multimodal real time information in 2 new intermodal public transport stations.

In the energy field, ETRA will install smart electric meters in public buildings and private homes in the Cabañal neighbourhood (district selected for the Valencia pilot), with the aim of consumption reduction by 5 to 10%, through of the efficient control of energy and will provide real-time data for its control, by means of an intelligent energy management system.

Finally, ETRA will actively participate in the integration and adaptation of all the previous services in the Urban Platform of Valencia VLCi, with an interoperability and open data approach.

Plataforma Urbana MAtchUP; MAtchUP Project; Projeto MAtchUP