Commissioning of the project for the intelligent management of the Salamanca Bus Station

ETRA has successfully completed the remodelling work on the existing facilities and systems at the Salamanca Bus Station. In addition to the work done on infrastructure and equipment, ETRA has provided an integral intelligent management system for this important bus station.

Some of the elements deployed and controlled by the platform solution provided by ETRA are the following:

  • Arrival and departure planning and management system.
  • Dock occupancy management system.
  • Access and parking management system.
  • Energy management system.
  • Lighting management system.
  • Video surveillance and facial recognition system.
  • Passenger counting system.
  • Passenger information system.
  • Telecommunications system and WIFI points.

In addition to the above, the lighting, energy, access control, air conditioning and fire protection systems have been integrated into the station management platform, which allows for intelligent and integrated operation of all the different systems present in the station.

This project shows how GRUPOETRA, a market leader in the field of technological solutions for public transport, is also a leader in the field of stations and other large transport infrastructures.