GRUPOETRA, with a continued commitment to sustainability, participates in the United Nations and UITP campaign on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to coincide with the first world summit on the environment: the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. The objectives of this annual event, which began in 1974, are to raise environmental awareness and to encourage global action in protecting the environment.

In this year’s edition, UITP has launched a campaign that, at a time when the world is starting to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, puts the spotlight on the importance that public transport will have in getting society back on track.

GRUPOETRA, with a continued commitment to the sustainability of the planet and to the health and safety of people, has joined this campaign.

This is not a one-off decision, but a sustained commitment over time. GRUPOETRA has been a leader for years in the market of intelligent and sustainable mobility solutions, with a special focus on public transport. More than 25,000 buses all over the world operate with GRUPOETRA’s technology: from Fleet and Operations Management Systems and ticketing solutions to the most advanced information systems.

More recently, GRUPOETRA has concentrated its technological efforts on the development of a range of innovative products whose aim is to keep public transport a safe and reliable mode for all its users. Examples of these solutions are the e-PASE system, which allows for the complete elimination of cash payment and any physical contact -applying EMV Contactless and QR code technologies-, or the application of big data and artificial intelligence, both to the automatic monitoring of the maintenance of social distance and to the prevention of crowding, thus minimizing the possibilities of COVID-19 infections.

GRUPOETRA, with UITP #ForNature