A public transport system which is integrated, modern and multimodal forms the backbone of a truly smart and sustainable mobility. GRUPOETRA has become a key actor in this sector at a global level.

The importance of a modern and advanced public transport system in the context of a smart, sustainable and people centered mobility, has become larger and larger worldwide.

In this context, GRUPOETRA keeps on leading the way at a global level and consolidating its key position as public transport and smart mobility technological solutions provider.

Some recent examples are the following:

  • GRUPOETRA has already started the work in a challenging project –also for EMT- on wireless electric bus charging. This project includes the 5 electric buses which serve line 76, with 42 stops and 14Km length. Each of the two terminus of line 76 will have a 100KW wireless charging point.
  • GRUPOETRA has recently delivered to Zaragoza’s public transport operator (AUZSA) a set of state of the art technological solutions which will enable the optimized operation of their more than 300 buses fleet. These solutions –already successfully commissioned-, include an operations management system (SAE), an integrated e-ticketing system, an ecodriving system (EFISAE), passengers information panels (TIP) and an onboard video surveillance system (VEA), among others.

All these examples of recent implementation of GRUPOETRA mobility solutions strengthen its leading position in the sector of technological solutions for passenger public transport.