The contract scopes both the preventive maintenance tasks, i.e. the previous performed tasks in order to avoid equipment incidents, such as corrective tasks, that are, the tasks performed once the incident has occurred to ensure the full operation of the equipment.
The overall project is broken down into two BATCHS. The project executed by ETRA BONAL S.A. corresponds to the facilities included in BATCH 1, located in the Llobregat area, in Barcelona.
Traffic regulation Elements under maintenance and repair are:

  • More than 1.600 crossings connected to the SDCTU
  • More than 600 points of measurement with different types of detector: spires, infrared, artifitial visión, bluetooth.
  • Multiple ETRA systems in CGMU:
    1. SIA (Incident and failures management system)
    2. GIMAN (Maintenance Comprehensive Management)
    3. SDCTU (Distributed Urban Traffic Control system)
    4. CCTV (Control of cameras and videos)
    5. SMARTPSS (Control of cameras and videos for urban tunnels)
    6. GIP (Public Information Management System)
    7. SIVA (Interurban Traffic Integrated Management)
    8. REVERSIBLE LANE (Reversible lane management system)
    9. TRINFUDAT (Incidents and traffic statistics management)
    10. INFOWEBGIP (MP Information and statistics management)
    11. BITCARRIER (MP Information and bluetooth statistics management)
    12. AFORADOS (MP Information and statistics management)
    13. NEARBYSENSOR (Unified cabinet management).
    14. DISPATCHER (Fault notification with GUB joint room).
    15. IRIS (Incidents, complaints and suggestions management)
    16. INCA (Urban inventory management system).