GRUPOETRA has been awarded several emblematic photovoltaic installations in Catalonia.

GRUPOETRA through its branch ETRA Bonal, in a clear commitment to the development of businesses aimed at improving the sustainability of cities, has been awarded two major contracts for photovoltaic installations to be executed at the beginning of the year 2,021.

The first of these, two photovoltaic installations at the Riu Sec and Riu Ripoll wastewater treatment plants, owned by Aigües de Sabadell, where two photovoltaic installations of 500 kWp and 400 kWp respectively will be installed, for a total of 900 kWp.

These installations will have the installation of photovoltaic pergolas, as well as photovoltaic modules installed on the roofs of several buildings, which will allow the production of energy in a sustainable way for the installations of these water treatment plants.

Likewise, ETRA Bonal will also carry out a photovoltaic installation in the Parliament of Catalonia, with more than 64 kWp, which will produce more than 75 MWh per year for self-consumption of the Parliament’s activities, which will mean an important economic saving, and will also affect the sustainability of the representative building.

This installation will be carried out with a self-supporting coplanar structure, so that no holes will be made in the building, thus respecting the structure of this emblematic building, whose construction dates from the 18th century.