ETRA has successfully completed its project NOBEL GRID, which puts in the market a new generation smart meter which enables a more stable, secure and smarter grid, promoting at the same time the integration in it of distributed generation based in renewables.

ETRA’s led H2020 project NOBEL GRID concluded in June 2018 .The project, with a budget of € 14M, 21 institutions from 11 countries and a duration of 42 months, has developed and demonstrated advanced tools to allow European citizens to benefit from a more secure and stable distribution network, promoting the integration of distributed, renewable energy sources and greater participation of the final consumer in the smart grid. In order to share the advantages of the smart grid in a fair, sustainable and efficient way, NOBEL GRID developments and demonstration activities have been focused in local energy communities and cooperatives, contributing to a more competitive and well-functioning internal energy market.

The main concluding results of the project were presented during its final conference, which took place in an open session at the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) in July 2018. During the event, it was shown, among other results, the next generation certified Smart Meter (SLAM), designed and developed by ETRA within NOBEL GRID project, which complies with the European legislation on energy meters (MID) EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3, and provides advanced functionalities to all the actors of the smart grid, by means of the three end-user applications developed also as part of the project, and presented during the final event as well.

In a moment when climate change is at the top of the social, economic and political agendas, and when energy transition is not any longer an option but a must, ETRA’s SLAM is to be a cornerstone supporting an open ecosystem of new systems and services including distributed generation based in renewables, smart energy building management, smart storage systems or smart charging of electric vehicles, to mention just a few examples. You can stay tuned on any news on the SLAM at

NOBEL GRID’s success has also been endorsed by the enerTIC Awards 2018, which have selected the project as finalist of the Smart grid category, out of 116 projects presented.