GRUPOETRA leads LET’S CROWD, a new project on urban security with the participation of police forces from seven different countries. The project’s goal is protecting European citizens, especially on risks associated to events involving mass gatherings.

The European Commission has awarded LET’S CROWD (Law Enforcement agencies human factor methods and Toolkit for the Security and protection of CROWDs in mass gatherings) project, within H2020 Programme,  to an international consortium led by GRUPOETRA.

LET’S CROWD develops methodologies, tools and technologies to effectively implement the European security strategy in relation to citizen’s protection in events involving mass gatherings.

The project involves three main types of planned results, which will support the administrations and police forces during all the stages of a mass gathering event, from planning to execution and closure:

  1. An innovative methodology for the dynamic analysis and management of risks, enabling an adequate, cost efficient and citizen centric response to each specific situation..
  2. A consultation tool for policy makers and legislators, a tool which will help these stakeholders assess and compare the performance and results of different actions and policies deployed across Europe by different administrations.
  3. A set of management technologies for the police forces and security agencies, including monitoring tools, simulation models predicting the movements of crowds, new innovative mass communication methods, semantic intelligence applied to social networks and new vision processing tools enabling the tracking of potentially dangerous behaviours.

This 30 months Project starting 1/5/17, counts with the participation of companies, administrations, Technology institutes and universities from eight countries, including representatives from police forces from Spain, Germany, UK, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Romania.

Proyecto LET'S CROWD