With pioneering innovation projects and large scale charging infrastructure deployment contracts, GRUPOETRA has become a key player in the field of electric mobility.

GiC, the company in GRUPOETRA specialized in electric vehicles, in its constant commitment in promoting sustainable mobility, accumulated over the past month’s significant achievements.

  • We’ve reached 100,000 recharge sessions accumulated in January 2019! The intelligent charging infrastructure management platform developed by GRUPOETRA currently manages the recharging points of Barcelona City Council, Metropolitan area of Barcelona (AMB), Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) and Madrid City Council with more than 250 public recharging points and 14,000 unique EV users, having reached 100,000 recharging sessions.
  • GIC has become a main reference installer for EV´s manufacturers such as Nissan, Audi and BMW, with more than 900 installations in 2018 both in the residential and corporate sectors.
  • GIC is a supplier for fast recharging points for Madrid City Council and the electrification for municipal depots.
  • GRUPOETRA has installed the first rapid inductive charging system in Spain for electric buses of the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT Madrid).
  • GIC has been selected as installer for Spain and Portugal for IONITY, Europe’s largest ultra-fast recharging network.

In parallel to these deployment projects, GRUPOETRA continues leading the sector with the development of new technologies and business models that are paving the way to a massive deployment of EV in Europe. In projects such as MEISTER or WISEGRID, GRUPOETRA has developed:

  • Interoperability platforms of recharging points;
  • Monitoring platforms and centralized management in real time of the recharging network, with demand analysis, subscriber management, cards, contracts, tariffs, vehicles and reservations, consumption prediction, communication with local managers and energy transmission operators;
  • Integration with Smart Grids, renewable energy, storage systems and vehicle-to-grid technology;
  • Embedded recharging and intelligent parking system; web and mobile applications adapted to different profiles of end users, with information in real time, location and the possibility for reserving recharging points; an opportunity of ultra-fast inductive charging systems.

All of these actions make GRUPOETRA a key player in the provision of technology solutions that enable the achievement of the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN for 2030.