GRUPOETRA continues the deployment of the high performance charging infrastructure of the European consortium IONITY.

Ionity, the European high-performance charging network promoted by the BMW, Daimler, Ford y Volkswagen, has launched an ultra-fast charging facility for electric cars in Murcia -Spain-, as a result of its alliance with Cepsa and GRUPOETRA, which has been responsible for the installation and commissioning.

The installation carried out by GRUPOETRA is located in Puerto Lumbreras and has two high power charging points with a capacity of up to 350 kilowatts each. The charging points are compatible with most electric vehicles, as they use the combined European standard (CCS), and significantly reduce the charging time for electric vehicles.

Actually, this is one of the fastest charging stations in Spain. In addition, it is prepared for four additional chargers to be installed depending on demand. Cepsa will supply 100% renewable energy to these facilities.

In this way, GRUPOETRA continues to support Ionity in its project to expand its network in Europe. The aim is to make long-distance travel in electric vehicles a reality. Puerto Lumbreras thus becomes one of the 340 high-power charging points installed within the Europe-E project, which covers the main routes in 13 European Union member states and the nine corridors of the trans-European network and the central network.

GRUPOETRA is collaborating in the installation of these infrastructures in Spain and Portugal and it is planned that in 2020 new installations will be put into operation allowing electric vehicles to travel throughout all the territory.