The second quarter of 2017 has been packed with activity. On top of the successful progress of multiple ongoing projects, GRUPOETRA has participated in several events in the area of technological solutions to improve the quality of life in cities.

GRUPOETRA’s position as a key stakeholder in the field of smart technological solutions has led to an intense level of activity during the past months. This has included the active participation in a number of world class congresses, among which a few examples can be mentioned:

– During 20-21/4/17 the Smart Island World Congress took place in Calviá (Mallorca). This has been the very successful first edition of a global congress which focuses on the specific challenges that islands have to face, and on how technology can help them in doing so. GRUPOETRA counted with a booth in the congress and did make a presentation where its island specific technological solutions in the field of mobility, energy, security and quality of life were described.

– The week after, the 26-27/4/17, the III Congreso de Ciudades Inteligentes took place. GRUPOETRA once again had a booth in this congress, which has become a privileged meeting point for the smart city sector in Spain. Furthermore, GRUPOETRA presented in the congress the innovative concept of Mobility as a Right (MaaR), the diffusion of which is going to be supported via web ( ) and twitter (@MobilityaaRight).

– The XVII Congress of Intelligent Transport Systems, organized by ITS Spain during 25-27/4/17, also counted with a substantial participation from GRUPOETRA. This time four papers were presented on the following subjects:

  • ITS in Tunnels: The Project of the tunnel under the Dead Vistula in Gdansk.
  • ITS in Public Transport: The application of smart solutions based on open data to manage public transport
  • ITS in Interurban Traffic: The DORA Project about an international, door to door multimodal travel support system, seamlessly combining ground transport with air transport
  • IITS & Smart Cities: MISTRAL and GARBI systems, advanced smart mobility solutions which include Big Data and Business Intelligence features.

– Last, but not least, it’s noteworthy mentioning the sponsorship and presence of GRUPOETRA in the XXIV National Congress of Urban and Metropolitan Transport de ATUC, held in Palma de Mallorca last 1-2/6/17. In this occasion, GRUPOETRA had the opportunity to share experiences and information with the main actors of the Spanish and European public transport sector.

Soluciones Tecnológicas

In summary, a very positive balance which has enabled the sharing of knowledge and experiences from GRUPOETRA with the market and, what’s more important, keep on listening to the needs from the market and society at large, so that these need –the current and the future ones- can be successfully addressed by GRUPOETRA’s evolving portfolio.