GRUPOETRA consolidates its leading position in the field of the energy and digital transitions.

As a major player in the energy sector, ETRA has experienced first-hand its evolution. From monolithic systems with very specific functionalities, we have moved to an environment where new players are proliferating and demanding more intelligent, open and interoperable systems, for which the energy and digital transitions are essential.

ETRA has been working on this for more than 30 years and has succeeded in providing solutions for all actors along the entire energy value chain: from renewable generation to transmission, distribution, marketing and active consumption.

The most recent example of an advanced smart energy management solution in ETRA’s portfolio is the ÉTER system, a tool designed to control, manage and monitor the grid, improving its flexibility, stability and security, being particularly relevant in scenarios with high penetration of renewable energies. ÉTER offers multiple capabilities in the field of improved grid observability and the use of AI in decision making.