Plan de Cumplimiento Corporativo

Etra Group and all companies that integrate it have always shown a strong commitment against any illegal behavior in the business field. Such commitment has been reinforced – March 30th 2017 – with the approval of a Corporate Compliance Program. Etra’s Corporate Compliance Program aims to promote an environment based on good business practices and legal compliance conducts, adopting any technical, organizational and control measures required in order to achieve the mentioned goals.

The aforementioned Program comprehends and applies good practices regarding legal compliance and encourages an ethical business behavior according to the latest reforms of the Spanish Criminal Code.

Etra’s Corporate Compliance Program knowledge and enforcement is compulsory for all those professionals working under Etra’s brand. The aforesaid Program incorporates, amongst other procedures, a Crime Prevention Plan that will be implemented in all companies forming Etra Group. Etra’s Crime Prevention Plan comprises the following documents, which are now available for all those interested:

In this context, Etra Group has set an e-mail address ( intended for the communication of any irregular or allegedly criminal behavior. Anyone having knowledge or suspicion of any kind of non-compliance conduct must report it either directly to superiors, through the mentioned e-mail address or using the postal address, A/A del Responsable de Cumplimiento Corporativo. Av. Tres Forques, 147. 46014 (Valencia) or the voicemail 918 205 228.

In case of any doubt regarding Etra Group Corporate Compliance Program, you can contact us through any of the previously mentioned channels.