After a 2021 in which the collective effort and collaboration have allowed overcoming the great challenges that society as a whole has faced, GRUPOETRA wishes all our customers, partners, collaborators and friends Merry Christmas, as well as a 2022 full of health, success and new opportunities that we hope to be able to share with everyone.

2021 has been a year in which the effort, collaboration and professionalism of the entire GRUPOETRA team has enabled us to overcome the challenges we have faced, as well as to contribute to bringing the desired new normality ever closer.

Not only have we undertaken new and interesting projects, but this year more than ever, these projects have been aimed at making people’s lives safer, healthier and more sustainable.

With the pride of having successfully overcome a great challenge and the conviction that the best is yet to come, GRUPOETRA wishes all our clients, partners, collaborators and friends good health and Merry Christmas, as well as a 2022 full of hope and new opportunities and success that we hope to share with everyone.