GRUPO ETRA recovers and modernises the La Nave building in Madrid

The transformation and remodeling of old buildings into benchmarks of sustainability is one of GRUPO ETRA’s lines of work. La Nave project of the Madrid City Council has consisted of the recovery and modernization of an old lift factory in a unique space in the south of the Spanish capital.

La Nave develops its activity in the south of Madrid with the aim of promoting innovation, being a meeting point for startups and creators who find in this unique space the right conditions to develop and grow.

A benchmark building in sustainability

Innovation springs from every part of the building and this is reflected in the energy heart of La Nave. ETRA, a leading company in intelligent energy projects in Europe, has designed and supervised the energy management systems. All this from three perspectives: installations, monitoring and user service.

The building has a powerful photovoltaic generation system which, thanks to the combination with the installation’s storage system, generates significant daily savings. With the volume generated by this system, it is possible to cover part of the complex’s demand, feed the charging points for electric vehicles or dump the surplus from the grid.

The ETRA GROUP has also provided its advanced BESOS intelligent energy efficiency management platform to monitor and manage the system. BESOS is a powerful software that makes it possible to control the generation and consumption of the building, achieving a significant optimisation of resources and greater energy efficiency.

The citizens; central axis of the project

This ambitious energy management system has been developed and implemented with the benefit of the citizens in mind. One of the most important examples is the charging points for electric vehicles. ETRA’s applications allow the driver to obtain information about the available points, as well as the charging capacity of each charging point according to their profile or the available tariff according to the period and price of energy.

You can enjoy the finished project through this video.

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Horizonte 2020

The official results of the European R&D&I programme Horizon 2020 once again highlight ETRA’s technological leadership position.

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GRUPOETRA, as a leader in the field of technologies for sustainable mobility, once again plays a leading role in the Spanish ITS Congress.


END to END com VISA/MasterCard

GRUPOETRA obtem a certificação END to END com VISA / MasterCard, incorporando assim um novo sistema de pagamento através de cartões bancários com tecnologia EMV contactless.



GRUPOETRA: parceiro principal do consórcio que vai implantar o maior dos pilotos de tecnologia 5G na Espanha promovido pela RED.ES.p>

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Depois das férias, o GRUPOETRA incrementa a sua atividade com mais projetos novos do que nunca, em um ambiente que garante a segurança tanto dos nossos colaboradores como dos nossos parceiros.


Mobilidade Inteligentes MÉXICO

O GRUPOETRA ganhou o projeto de modernização de corredores de mobilidade inteligentes na área metropolitana de Guadalajara, Jalisco (México).

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A MLO (Trem Leve Oeste – Madrid) confia na GRUPOETRA

A MLO (Trem Leve Oeste – Madrid) confia na GRUPOETRA para fornecer uma nova geração de soluções tecnológicas para o mercado ferroviário.