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Smart City

Maintaining leadership in such a competitive market requires intense effort and continuous innovation.

One of the main reasons ETRA is at the forefront of the market, is the strong vocation and strong and continuous effort in RTD and Technical Innovation that we have carried out since our foundation.

This strong investment in RTD allows ETRA to be at the technological forefront as well as participating in the creation of new trends, providing solutions for our clients’ specific problems and collaborating with the most advanced companies and centers of investigation within the FRAMEWORK programs of the European Union. 



DORA - Door to Door Information for Airports and Airlines
03 November 2015 - Mobility, H2020
DORA project is aiming at design and establishment of an integrated information system that helps passengers to optimise travel time from an origin of the travel to the airplane at the departing airport as well as from the arrival airport to the final destination. To ensure this, the DORA system will provide mobile, seamless, and time optimised route recommendations for the travels to the airport and time optimised routing within the airports, leading the passengers through terminals to the right security and departure gates. The DORA will integrate all necessary real time information on disruptions in the land transport environments and on incidents in the airport terminals to provide the fastest route alternatives, ensuring the accessibility of airport and airplane at any time in accordance with individual passengers’ requirements. To support the passengers’ route optimisation, the DORA project will investigate and design technologies for recognition of waiting queues and indoor location services in airports, which will be integrated into the DORA system and tested within the project trials.
PRISMACLOUD – PRIvacy and Security Maintaining services in the CLOUD
01 February 2015 - ICT, Security, H2020
PRISMACLOUD addresses these challenges and yields a portfolio of novel security enabled cloud services, guaranteeing the required security for sensitive data in the cloud.Techniques for outsourcing computation with verifiable correctness and authenticity-preservation allow to securely delegate computations to cloud providers. A distributed multi-cloud data storage architecture shares data among several cloud providers and improves security and availability. Dynamically updating shares by means of novel techniques avoids vendor lock-in, preserves data authenticity, facilitates long term privacy and promotes a dynamic cloud provider market.
Nobel Grid: New Cost-Efficient Business Models for Flexible Smart Grids
01 February 2015 - Energy, ICT, H2020
Nobel Grid will develop, deploy and evaluate advanced tools and ICT services for Distribution System Operators and electric cooperatives, enabling active consumers’ involvement, i.e., demand response schemas and flexibility of the market, i.e., new business models for aggregators and ESCOs and integration of distributed renewable energy production. Through the dual-use of telecommunication networks, and by validating the integration of distributed renewable generation and demand response systems, NOBEL GRID will offer advanced services, not only for DSO’s but to all actors in the distribution grid and retail electricity market in order to ensure that EU citizens will benefit from better prices, more secure and stable grids and renewable electricity supply.
HyRIM - Hybrid Risk Management for Utility Providers
01 April 2014 - Security, FP7
The challenge in identifying and categorising Hybrid Metrics lies in the variety of (originally) independent utility networks involved and the differences in their scenarios. Additionally, when sensitive utility network systems are exposed to the Internet it makes them a potential target of new kinds of threats (e.g. Advanced Persistent Threat – APT) which are especially targeted towards SCADA networks. Utility providers may not be aware of the sensitivity of these connections or may underestimate their importance.
SIMON - asSIsted Mobility for Older aNd impaired users
01 January 2014 - ICT, Mobility, CIP
SIMON is a demonstration project with three large scale pilots in Madrid, Parma and Lisbon aiming to use ICT services to promote the independent living and societal participation of mobility impaired people in the context of public parking areas and multiple transport modes.