Maintenance of Lifts, Maneuver, Rail width changers, and General facilities in more than 100 Repair stations and Garages that Renfe Manufacture and Maintain in the Spanish territory, in which manufacturing, repairing and the maintenance are carried out to the Renfe trains, including high speed trains.
It includes On-Site Maintenance, Preventive, Corrective, and Legal Technician for the following facilities:

  • Cranes, hoists, maintenance platforms, bridge cranes, Lower gauges and associated elements hydraulic jacks, Lower rails, Jacks Lifts, Low wheel tables and wagon convey.
  • Width changers, set of machines, motors, hydraulic circuits, electric platforms and facilities associated to them.
  • Complementary position signaling systems for the maintenance equipment: electronic LED information screens to the driver, position detectors in low tracks, lifts and lowers Gauges, Radio frequency equipment Forklift platforms.
  • Forklift for work carried out at heights.
  • Works: Buildings, rails, sewers, technical platforms, green areas.
  • Plumbing and Sanitation facilities, which can be a focus of Legionella.
  • Electrical Installation of High and Low Voltage, Telephone and IT (voice and data).
  • Heating Installation, Air Conditioning, Cooling Towers, ACS, and solar energy installations for ACS, as well as Air Extraction Facilities (ventilation), Blow Cabin and Painting Cabin.
  • Gas Facilities, Fuel Tanks, LPG, and Chemical Storage.
  • Compressed Air Installations and Machine Tools.
  • Fire protection facilities.