MLO (Metro Ligero Oeste – Madrid) counts on GRUPOETRA to supply a new generation of technological solutions for the railway market.

ETRA has been awarded the project for the technological renovation of MLO, which includes the supply, installation and implementation of the new integrated fleet management system. ETRA will install its latest generation equipment in all light trains assigned to lines 2 and 3 that connect the municipalities of Pozuelo de Alarcón, Alcorcón, Boadilla del Monte and Madrid.

This project will mean an important change in the day-to-day life of the professionals who work to offer the best public transport service. This will be for sure reflected in the user experience from September 2021 on. Among the new features included in the project, it is worth mentioning

  • Extended collection of functionalities for the precise monitoring of the fleet, as well as the more efficient management of the service.
  • New graphic user interface that allows drivers and operators to interact with the system in a completely intuitive and easy-to-navigate manner.
  • Greater speed in train-ground communications through the most advanced technology.
  • New backup mechanisms that allow for maximum service quality.
  • Versatile design of the components capable of adapting the resources to the operating environment in a specific way.

Public transport, and in particular the Light Rail network, is today a key resource for sustainable and safe urban mobility. GRUPOETRA has extensive experience in the railway environment and its innovative solutions are currently deployed in many operations in the main cities of Spain and LATAM. This pioneering project is the first of a series that will consolidate GrupoETRA’s position as a supplier of a new generation of advanced railway solutions.