GRUPOETRA consolidates its position in the industrial and rail maintenance sector, after being awarded a new large contract by RENFE.

GRUPOETRA carries out its activities in a wide range of sectors –from energy efficiency to smart mobility- and markets worldwide –from LATAM to Eastern Europe-. The common denominator in all cases is the combination of the most advanced technologies with a world class service.

In this context, it is remarkable the recent awarding of a large contract, once again, by RENFE (Spanish rail) to GRUPOETRA.

This time the contract has been awarded by the Manufacturing and Maintenance branch of RENFE, and it covers all their lifting, manoeuvring and rail width changers equipment for the 2017-2021 period.

The contract includes more than 1.000 cranes and other large equipment in their more than 60 depots and workshops distributed across all the territory where RENFE operates, in which it inspects and maintains its rolling stock.

RENFE’s renewed trust means a new recognition to GRUOPETRA and an incentive to continue offering the market the most advanced and efficient solutions.

Mantenimiento Industrial y Ferroviario Integral - RENFE; Industrial and rail maintenance - RENFE