GRUPOETRA strengthens its position as a key partner for all electric vehicles manufacturers.

GRUPOETRA’s company GiC, specialised in advanced services for electric vehicles, recently signed an agreement to become the PSA Group’s (Peugeot, Citroën and Opel) charging point installation partner in Spain and Portugal.

This agreement is the result of the great experience acquired by GIC during these last years, thanks to its active collaboration in the deployment of charging infrastructures with manufacturers such as BMW, NISSAN, JAGUAR and VOLKSWAGEN GROUP.

In addition, GIC has the necessary technology for recharging residential users, companies and public charging points, through which it manages the largest public recharging network in Spain, operating the recharging points of Barcelona City Council, AMB – Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, EMT Madrid and GiC in Madrid, with more than 15,000 EV users, 270 public charging points and nearly 200,000 recharging sessions carried out in recent years.

Throughout its trajectory GiC has been awarded a number of flagship projects such as:

  • The ultra-fast IONITY recharging network,
  • Deployment of recharging points at airports (AENA)
  • The roll out of fast charging points in the Audi dealer network.

GRUPOETRA supports the commercial success of GIC with a leading activity in the development of new technologies and business models that are laying the foundations for a massive deployment of EV in Europe. Examples include the MEISTER project, where the following developments have been carried out:

  • Interoperability platforms for recharging points;
  • Platforms for real-time monitoring and centralised management of the recharging network, with demand analysis, management of subscribers, cards, contracts, tariffs, vehicles and reservations, consumption prediction, communication with local managers and energy transmission operators;
  • Integration with Smart Grids, renewable energies, storage systems and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology;
  • Integrated intelligent recharging and parking systems; web and mobile applications adapted to different end user profiles, with real-time information, location and possibility of booking recharging points, as well as ultra-fast inductive recharging opportunity systems.

In addition to all the above, GRUPOETRA leads the R&D&i activity in Europe in the field of smart grids, with projects such as WISEGRID, the aim of which is to develop the technology that will enable European electricity grids to provide an adequate service to a fleet of electric vehicles that is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.