GRUPOETRA has been awarded three new H2020 Projects in the field of Smart Grids and renewable energies. These new projects reinforce GRUPOETRA’s positioning as a technological leader in Europe in this area.

GRUPOETRA has been awarded three new H2020 European Projects in the field of Smart Grids and renewable energies. These projects, two of which are coordinated by GRUPOETRA, mobilize a total of 26M€, involving more than 30 partners from 16 European countries.

X-FLEX project -coordinated by GRUPOETRA-, has as its main objective the development of new tools that facilitate the integration of the different systems distributed in the electricity grid, generating benefits for all the actors in the value chain of the energy system. Its results will be demonstrated in Slovenia, Bulgaria and Greece, promoting the efficient use of renewable energies in those countries.

The next project is TRINITY, also led by GRUPOETRA, which will develop solutions that improve cooperation and coordination between all the agents of the transmission grid, including its integration into a pan-European electricity market. As a result of the project, demonstration activities will be carried out in 9 countries of Southeast Europe, which reinforces ETRA’s positioning as a European technological leader.

Finally, GRUPOETRA will hold the technical direction of the FLEXGRID project, whose main objective is to develop a new architecture for Smart Grids that optimizes the management of new energy services for future models of the electricity market.

In summary, these three projects sum up to all those that GRUPOETRA has been developing over recent years in the field of advanced technologies applied to the energy sector, consolidating its position as a key player in this field within the EU.