GRUPOETRA at the forefront of connected and intelligent mobility at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

In the context of the last edition of the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, a demonstration was carried out of how 5G technology combined with advanced cooperative systems can improve the safety and efficiency of mobility in our cities.

Throughout the pilot, in which GRUPOETRA collaborated with SEAT, FICOSA and Telefónica, among other partners, different cases of use of C2X were demonstrated. Here are some examples of what was shown:

  • An alert service to the driver informing of the proximity of a cyclist or a pedestrian.
  • An alert service that informed the driver of the proximity of a traffic light, as well as its status and the time left for it to change.

In both cases, GRUPOETRA contributed its intelligent infrastructure, prepared to exploit the possibilities offered by 5G technology when interacting with vehicles. Consequently, after detecting the presence of pedestrians through artificial vision, the GRUPOETRA traffic controller communicated this information, along with the state of the traffic lights –including the time left for the traffic lights to change-, to the SEAT vehicle participating in the test.

The success of the demonstration has led to having a substantial impact in the media, positioning once again GRUPOETRA in the vanguard of intelligent mobility.