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The success story of GRUPOETRA is the story of successful mobility management in the cities of the XXI century.

In our increasingly fast and complex days, the historic tour of the company shows how Spanish society has changed along with its proximity, service and commitment. Its social impact, sometimes barely noticeable to the user, but essential to his daily life, is an inestimable value for intelligent and concerned cities to which we aspire as managers, researchers and entrepreneurs, but specially as ordinary citizens and parents of future generations.

Energy efficiency, punctuality and accuracy in urban and intercity transportation, or the guarantee of a road safety are just some of the most significant contributions of a company that, thanks to a good qualified team and an efficient and modern management, leads a specialized, dynamic and competitive industry. But their value is basically its ability to lead the market, always ahead, imagining the future of our cities, solving their problems, giving suggestions, changes, improvements to a more rational and human habitation.

Because, nowadays, it is really important to keep up the quality and environmental challenges that users and society demand. Accordingly, ETRA has been an example of enterprising philosophy and commitment, as confirmed by its career in RTD, which remains at the heart of the company since its inception. Concerned about the needs of authorities, passengers and drivers, the company has known how to listen to them closely and carefully to serve every day a faster, serious and responsible response.

The success of ETRA is based, especially, in its vocation to be part of a close mobility project and committed to its values. Thus, ETRA is a reference, a model and an image of professionalism in its field.