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ETRA has become the main provider of RTD, technology, engineering, installation of Control Systems and MOBILITY Management.

ETRA offers a complete range of advanced solutions and services that includes the entire process from R&D and Technological Innovation, through to consultancy, project development, integration and introduction of solution systems, their conservation and maintenance and even the management outsourcing and turnkey solutions operation.

The wide range of services developed by ETRA are distinguished by our vocation to client service and our strategic values that could be summarized as a solid management of the knowledge obtained from experience, the mutual trust achieved with our clients and the commitment of service to society.


One of the main reasons  of ETRA, for being at the forefront of the market, is the strong vocation, and intense and continuous effort in R & D and Technical Innovation that we have carried out since our foundation more than 30 years ago.

This strong investment in R & D allows ETRA to be at the technological forefront as well as to participate in the creation of new trends, provide solutions for our clients specific problems and collaborate with the most advanced companies and centres of investigation within the FRAMEWORK programmes of the European Union and national programmes such as PROFIT and CENIT.


ETRA has a production structure made up of highly qualified personnel and installations for the efficient control and testing of produced items.

Our human and material resources guarantee design and production under the most exacting standards, as well as offering the client personalised solutions.


Our highly specialised personnel, using the latest technology and equipment, is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the contracted systems until they are completely finished.

We are in charge of the engineering , the personnel training, the civil works , the communications network, the design, the signaling and everything needed to deliver the turnkey system with full client satisfaction.

Conservation & Maintenance

ETRA offers a wide range of Conservation, maintenance, exploitation, operation and outsourcing services to keep equipment and systems in perfect operation and security conditions, with continuous update, verification and street equipment that guarantees a quick answer.

Engineering & Consultancy

The knowledge acquired in the field combined with management of the latest technology allows us to guarantee real solutions to the needs and problems of our clients.

Management & Operation

Thanks to our long experience in mobility management, we offer to our clients the Management and  Operation Service of their control systems.

Supported by training courses, protocol establishment, operation manuals and our in-depth knowledge of  the installed systems, we are in the enviable position to provide solutions to the problems of traffic control and transport directly providing human and material resources along with support services when required.

Turnkey Solutions

The experience and capacity to innovate, custom-manufacture, and provide ad-hoc solutions allows us to design, install, maintain and even operate the network, guarantee the delivery of specific solutions to the needs of the most demanding client expectations.