In an environment where we find ourselves internationalizing, asymmetric market developments, greater global competition, demand for concrete intelligent solutions, efficiency, and integration, reduction of costs and processes efficiency; ETRA works towards the continuous improvement of the implemented management systems in each of its companies, some in a corporate form and others in a decentralized manner according to the markets and the interest groups that they target.

The ETRA group management policies allows us to adapt to the needs demanded by each group of interest that we cooperate with. Attention to investors, customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and society in general reinforce our commitment to continuously improve, ensuring compliance with both legal and customer requirements and acquiring a commitment to serve the community with technological and integral management solutions that constantly improve the efficiency in energy mobility and communications. Creating company and society value and obtaining recognition by companies, organizations, administrations, agencies and all interest groups.

Therefore, ETRA establishes the following management policies in its organization:

  • Quality politics
  • Environmental and Energy Efficiency Policy.
  • Health and Safety Policy.
  • Security Information Policy.
  • Innovation Policy.
  • IT Service Management Policy.

Which are applicable to all companies and personnel and provided as a guide to determine the Objectives that are periodically established, according to the continuous improvement criteria.

These policies are available to all those interested, if applicable.