GRUPOETRA obtains the END to END certification with VISA/MasterCard incorporating a new payment system through bank cards with EMV contactless technology.

Last October 22nd, GRUPOETRA obtained the END to END certification with VISA/MasterCard, after having integrated its intelligent ticketing solutions with the REDSYS Payment Gateway. This certification allows GRUPOETRA to include in its ticketing solutions a new payment system through bank cards with EMV contactless technology and be at the forefront of smart ticketing solutions.

EMV Contactless technology applied to public transport has three main advantages: a high degree of security, a high speed of passenger admittance and a significant advance in terms of usability, which is why it has become a world standard.

The integration of the EMV payment standard will allow any user with a bank card (physical or virtual) to access the corresponding transport mode thanks to the GRUPOETRA’s certified validation devices.

Therefore, from now on GRUPOETRA’s validation devices will make it easier for users and operators to carry out ticketing operations without the use of cash; combining not only QR technology and transport cards, but also EMV Contactless technology.

It should be emphasized that GRUPOETRA’s solution is a 100% REDSYS standard solution, and therefore it is applicable to any public transport or mobility services operator that wish to provide their users with an EMV payment system.

This certification extends the portfolio of technological solutions of GRUPOETRA in the field of public transport, consolidating the leading position of the company both in Europe and Latam, in a sector that is key to sustainable mobility, the welfare of society and the future of our planet.