Smart energy management and very specially its application to achieve a greener mobility through advanced electromobility solutions has become a strategic, fast growing sector. GRUPOETRA keeps on strengthening a leading position within this market.

Our society is facing huge challenges in the fields of energy and mobility, the two main cornerstones on which environmental and socioeconomic sustainability must rely. GRUPOETRA is successfully dealing with these challenges by combining the most innovative technologies with a world class service. To mention just a few recent examples:

  • As already announced, the European Commission has recently awarded the H2020 project WISEGRID to a 21 partners multinational consortium led by GRUPOETRA. This 17M€ project is specifically addressing how to increase the share of renewable energy within EU’s energy mix, whilst at the same time the large scale deployment of electromobility in Europe is accelerated.
  • EMT, the bus public transport operator of Madrid, with one of the largest fleets in Europe, has awarded GRUPOETRA an ambitious and pioneering project to use wireless fast charging technology to charge electric buses in one of the lines operated by the company.
  • B:SM (Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, the services company of Barcelona city) has awarded GRUPOETRA the deployment of more than 30 new EV charging points in a city which is already using GRUPOETRA’s software to manage its network of EV charging infrastructure.
  • The incorporation of GIC (Gestor de Infraestructura de Carga, Charging Infrastructure Manager) as a new company within GRUPOETRA is boosting the Group’s ambitious plans to become a leading player in the EV charging infrastructure and services market.

To conclude, GRUPOETRA is successfully transforming the complex challenges faced by our customers and partners in the fields of energy and mobility into opportunities which, by means of advanced electromobility solutions, ensure a sustainable, people-centric and environmentally friendly socioeconomic growth.